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« _args »: [
« raw »: « sax@~1.2.1 »,
« scope »: null,
« escapedName »: « sax »,
« name »: « sax »,
« rawSpec »: « ~1.2.1 »,
« spec »: « >=1.2.1 =1.2.1 =1.2.1

Nokian Np 1 Jajaja. Do mnie sie skrzydej 😀 Nokian Tyga Hydro – Warto edycje do konsoli – WP 1 Nokian Tyga Hydro.A Galata apartment block has been evacuated as Turkish police investigate an apparent bomb attack on a car.

Dozens of officers backed up by dogs and sniffer dogs are being taken to the area after an « explosion » was reported at the Nuri Alemdar block on the Galata district of Istanbul.

People at the scene told the BBC that a parked car was damaged and a window was broken by the « sudden blast » which was felt by residents.

Police, who are searching the block, have said a man and woman may be suspects.

Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, who said the police were questioning a « suspect », had praised the police’s handling of the incident, adding: « Such explosions won’t be solved with gunpowder. »

Mr Erdogan told reporters that the suspect had been « locked up in the authorities’ custody ».

He added that the building was a newly built block in the « European quarter » of Istanbul, which has a reputation for lawlessness and a « deeply felt feeling of insecurity ».

He said: « We have to separate the « green issue » from this.

« We have the right to know what the facts are and this incident will be investigated as a criminal act. »

His comments came a day after one of his top ministers was reportedly taken to hospital after he was shot in the chest by a policeman at a protest in Istanbul.

Police said the minister had escaped injury when a live bullet that was aimed at the protester had been fired over the crowd.

The protesters, part of a growing wave of anti-government unrest, are demanding that the government resign.

Mr Erdogan said: « It is important that we have arrests and detailed investigations. This person has been taken into custody. They are doing their investigations. »

Police earlier said they were investigating whether a car which had been blown up was linked to the alleged bombing in the Nuri Alemdar block.

It is understood the car had been parked outside the apartment building in Istanbul, which is known to be heavily protected by police following several high-profile attacks.

Tourists take pictures at the Bosporus bridge in Istanbul (AP)

The police are taking

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The system – and thus your engine – won’t recognize this situation. You can disconnect the batteries of the automobile that you can save, in most of the cases, and reprogram the engine control unit.

So, what you need to do is to disconnect all the batteries in your motor, replace it with an external battery, start the engine and disconnect the external battery again. This way, the engine control unit will not recognize that there is no power and will initiate the necessary functions.

Please keep me posted to avoid frustrating you with another unanswered question. Best regards, Sebas

As Hans said, I read those pages of the manual and nothing explained how to do this. I looked at the place where is written « disconnect » and « reconnect » but nowhere is said that is necessary to disconnect and connect a battery.

I also searched in the board of the car and there is nothing said about how to do this. I’m not sure if the car is under warranty.

Any help?


03-22-2011, 09:01 PM



I have a 95 325ic. The car has a vw efi electronic control unit. I want to know if it is possible to open the unit to modify the immo off function.



03-22-2011, 09:21 PM

Try the following:
Press the glove box to the closed position. You will see a panel that has 2 tiny screws. You will see a one that is small and a one that is big. Take the small one and with a flat head screwdriver, loosen it. After that you will see a silver led light. There is a red screw and you will need to loosen it too. Go to the battery compartment and remove the blue caps from the terminals. Put one of the little blue caps on the big red screw. Put one of the big blue caps on the small red screw. Put a red wire from battery to either terminal. Put another silver led in the glove box and you will see the immo off when the light is on.


03-22-2011, 09:29 PM

As Hans said, I read those pages of the manual and nothing explained how to do this. I looked at the place where is written « disconnect » and « reconnect » but nowhere is said that is

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