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Those who have numerous friends and maintain a constant communication for both business or personal purposes, might require an efficient and easy-to-use solution for keeping in touch with everyone. Swift is an IM client that was created to help users communicate easier, through an XMPP platform that offers basic chat features, profile editing and customizable statuses.
Minimalist interface with basic features that might not satisfy the avid IM users
Swift boasts a basic interface with classical IM client appearance, that will provide users only with the essential tools for communicating with their buddies. The menus have a limited number of features and so do the contextual menus for the individual contacts.
One will be able to set a custom status, assign a preferred image to the account or add different credential such as email addresses, telephone numbers, birthdays or URLs. However, the application doesn’t allow customization for the groups or buddy lists and people will not be able, for instance, to block certain contacts or assign special statuses for them.
Limited amount of customization coupled with restrictive chat window features
Swift might discourage users right from the start, since its tabbed interface where the active chat windows are stored will not even provide the name of the different contacts. People must click on each tab to know with who they’re chatting and the application has very restrictive collection of only 6 emoticons.
Users will find a settings button in the chat windows, but in our tests that feature was inactive and we couldn’t access any preferences menu. Such major limitations could potentially make users think twice about running this application, since its drawbacks cut down on the essential ease-of-use a IM client must have.
Average XMPP client with counter-intuitive features that might not be a good choice for those who seek an IM utility
This application might suffice for people who require a basic and featureless instant messaging client that will allow them to chat with their friends. They will be able to define personal statuses, open multiple chat windows simultaneously and edit their profile. Nevertheless, its plain looks, restrictive features and lack of customization make it a poor choice for users who require a complete XMPP client.








Swift Crack License Key Free Download [March-2022]

Swift (pronounced « zift »), is a free, fast and easy-to-use IM Client for Mac.
Swift can be used to:
– Send and receive messages and files
– View profiles, send and receive shoutbox messages and get buddy list
– Search the web using integrated Google search engine.
– Edit your profile
Swift Features:
– Collect and view your messages
– View profile pictures, birthdays, and status
– Send and receive pictures and files
– View multiple chats in the same window
– Customize statuses and emote images
Swift Highlights:
– First and foremost, Swift’s fast, visual, easy, yet intuitive interface
– Cross platform compatible ( Windows, Linux, Mac )
– Mobile compatible (iPhone and iPad)
– Able to search the web using Google and view your friends’ latest pictures, birthdays, statuses.
– Swift has an integrated search engine for your webcam.
– Friendly community with its developer online at
– Completely open source
– 100% Free

After I bought my Nexus 4, Android became my primary operating system, but because there are many iOS apps I use regularly, I need to have both OS. SwiftIRC is my Android chat client and I found here the best one!
I can chat with my friends from the home screen and can use the app from the lock screen as well!
This chat app is now my all time favorite!
– Support Unicode 12.0 (JIS, GBK, etc)
– Cross platform with iOS.
– Screen lock with pattern or password.
– Support black theme.
– Open Link URL (e.g.
– Two soft keyboards: one from Google Play and one from SwiftIRC.
– Swipe action (To open chat, URL, notification center, etc.)
– Quick search function.
– Hi-Res Launcher.
– Linguistic support

Great minimalist office app!
Swiftly is a great minimalist office app, which not only helps you manage all your tasks effectively, but also offers support for different languages. This app is a wonderful alternative to another popular minimalist app called FlexiTime. Swiftly has lots of useful tools, such as a flexible timer

Swift For PC

Swift Download With Full Crack is an open source multi platform instant messaging client for business, personal and social chat. Its name stems from the swift way in which people can be connected through chat.
Unlike conventional chat clients, Swift was designed to fit on the screen in such a way that users can keep track of multiple conversations at once. Swifts tab based interface allows users to switch from one chat to another with just a click, offering them direct access to their conversations on the server. Users can also add friends to their contacts and also see the chats of their friends in one view.
Swift is free software and you can either download it or use a web based version. The web client is provided by SwiftTeam and available for browsers that support JSON.
Swift 2.0 download page
Swift 2.0 screenshots
Swift 2.0 review
More Info:

Prismatic is an application for Windows that features a set of simple tools for creating presentation slides. The program is cross-platform and supports multiple file types such as images, sound, video and PDF.
Presentation creation program with various options and tools
Prismatic will easily familiarize users with a very basic creation process, allowing users to edit images, sounds, text, videos and PDF files with basic tools and controls.
Slideshow presentation creator and organizer
The application will allow creating various slide shows with images, videos, PDF files and other media files that can be easily organized using a basic file browser. With such a tool, users will be able to quickly organize files into folders and change their naming by choosing from different templates.
Some basic controls will be available for some presentation layouts such as rotating slides horizontally, vertically and altering the slide size, as well as for adding text and arranging pictures. Prismatic will display all the changes to the user in real time and provide a preview of the result with a preview area where users can drag and drop the changed elements.
Most of the tools will be available in either full-screen mode or in a pop-up window with a set of tabs, including the presentation template, the presenters slides, the images, the texts and the fonts.
Unrestricted video export
Prismatic will automatically detect all the available external video players and also provide options for the users to download the videos from websites directly to the program. Such a useful feature won’t be available with other similar programs, including PowerPoint.
Photos, videos and other file types can be imported directly into the program. Prism

Swift With Key

Swift is a free instant messaging client for Windows and Linux. The simple interface makes it perfect for LAN communication and file transfers. Swift has a lot of features, great compatibility, many languages’ plugins, everything you need to make your IM life easy. Swift is optimized for using on low-powered computers, so it takes up very little resources and can be run in background.
Connect with the network and get chatting right away
Swift boasts some extra features, including the ability to use the buddy list, and import contacts from popular providers. Besides, since the application supports network signaling protocols including the XMPP protocol, it will allow you to easily connect to the different IM networks.
Import contacts from popular providers
The program supports different types of profiles, as it allows you to get chat history, see the status of your contacts and even manage group chat with message forwarding. Swift is set up for using on the Windows platform, so MacOS and Linux users may have a lot of problems with it.
If you do, you can import contacts from popular providers including Google Talk and ICQ. Users can exchange instant messages right away, define a custom status and access unlimited number of emoticons and smileys. You can also manage your friends in a custom buddy list and assign a preferred status for them.
The interface is not the most attractive and the application is a bit slow in handling messages. Nevertheless, Swift has a lot of features packed into an amazing interface and a decent set of available emoticons that is just a great way to communicate with your contacts.

Swift 3.0.7 is finally here. This release fixed many issues and improve the client’s performance. Let’s have a quick look at the main changes.
Swift 3.0.6 was released just a few days ago, and it brought with it quite a lot of changes, with some improvements and bug fixes, but it wasn’t the client’s last release. As Swift has matured, it’s developers decided to release a new version of the application.
Swift 3.0.7 fixes a lot of bugs and offers some important features. Let’s see what’s new in Swift 3.0.7.
New features
Smiley face detector

Improvements and bug fixes

New emoticon

New IM bug fix

App update is available

Note that Swift 3.0.7 is just a quick release. Swift developers

What’s New in the Swift?

Swift is an XMPP client with classical client appearance. It allows to create and manage contacts, set up chat sessions, choose images for contacts, and set up easy in-app notifications for each one.
• Email address
• Mobile phone
• Contacts
• User status
• Status
• Settings

** Overview **
This IM client allows to edit the profile and set up the status for each user, create your own group, set up chat filters and allow contacts from the number listed in your mobile phone.
• Status
• Emoticons
• Address book
• Groups
• And much more…
Please contact us at support@theapphotel.com if you would like us to add new features to your app.
** Important **
* We always will give a discount to all the apps we are reviewing on the App Hotels.
** Contact Us **
For any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us! We do our best to reply to each of your requests, but due to the fact that we have a lot of apps to review, it might be a couple of days before your request is processed. Thank you!
** How to use apps **
• Open the app’s icon and register on the server through the profile you want to use.
• This application will refresh the information about the server after your registration.
• You will be logged in automatically when you open the application.
• Use the custom emoticons from the settings.
• Tap on the chat window to make a new chat session or to view the existing ones.
• Create a new profile or edit your current one by pressing the menu button.
• Open the chat filter to filter the messages that your buddy sends or receives.
• Toggle on and off the notification of each contact when your buddy sends or receives a message.
• Tap on the alert bell icon and pick a notification type.
• Finish with a satisfying task with a smart note for each contact or group.
• Export the chat to a text file, PDF, DB or CSV.
• Share files, photos, videos or URLs for your contacts.
• Change the keyboard.
• Delete the app from the device’s memory to delete all the data in the server and to sign out of the server

Version 1.4.0
We would like to be


System Requirements For Swift:

OS: Windows 8.1 or later
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-3537U CPU @ 2.00 GHz or later
Memory: 8 GB or more
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or NVIDIA GT540M
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: 8 GB or more
Additional Notes:
* Please refer to your console’s hardware requirements.
-Do not play when Steam is running in the background. It may cause connection errors.


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