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fsMediaLibrary.NET provides software developers with a time-saving library for the .NET platform that brings to the table a rich set of features meant to facilitate the creation of a media player application. Compiled with ANYCPU, fsMediaLibrary.NET is compatible with both .NET 2.0 and .NET 4.0.
The component comes with various sample projects created in VB.NET/C# 2008/2010, which allows developers to take it for a spin and decide whether they can use it or not. In fact, the sample projects include all the code develoeprs need to get started with their own project. Documentation is also available.
Takes care of the database storage for you 
The most difficult part of developing a media player is probably the need to store data in different databases and connect them efficiently. With fsMediaLibrary.NET, taking care of storing album and song data is much easier, as the library automatically generates the metadata and the artwork databases, which store important information about the songs loaded in a media player. Furthermore, fsMediaLibrary.NET comes with an integrated binary database, which offers high speed connection and satisfactory storage space.
Implements the most important features in a media player 
The library implements basic functionality of a media player, such as adding and removing playlists and tracks, editing track details, adding or deleting artwork and lyrics or assigning ratings to songs. Moreover, it can streamline exporting the album artwork and files from the media library to a folder.
Thanks to this .NET component, obtaining metadata from an audio file is much easier. Additionally, it facilitates media type filtering, assigning any file one of the available types, namely audio, video, music video, TV show, audiobook, audio or video podcast.
A handy component for creating a media player in .NET 
fsMediaLibrary.NET makes it easier for a developer to get started with a new project and create a media player. By taking care of the database part, it practically covers a significant part of the development process, allowing the developer to focus more on looks and improving the user experience.


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Download 🌟 DOWNLOAD






FsMediaLibrary.NET 0.6.7 2022 [New]

Mono Media Library for.NET
What is fsMediaLibrary.NET?
fsMediaLibrary.NET is a.NET library for creating media applications. It uses storage and media management functionality from the well-known fsToolsMediaLibrary, a.NET player component by CleanFlicks. The component is compatible with.NET 2.0 and.NET 4.0.
fsMediaLibrary.NET comes with a.NET wrapper and compiles with ANYCPU – an instruction that allows the use of native x86 and x64 code in the same application.
What is fsToolsMediaLibrary?
fsToolsMediaLibrary is a.NET audio file player component from CleanFlicks that can be used for creating media applications. It consists of two parts – a player and the related functionality. The player part implements the standard media player functions. The related functionality offers the possibility to run file type specific routines.
What can fsMediaLibrary.NET offer?
fsMediaLibrary.NET is a comprehensive component for developing a media player. It not only implements the functionality of a player, but also uses media metadata. It supports storing files to a database, provides convenient generation and management of artwork databases, and includes a binary database for fast and high-speed connection.
What other features does fsMediaLibrary.NET offer?
fsMediaLibrary.NET offers time-saving functionality for media players, due to providing integrated album artwork generation, content filtering, and a binary database. All these features facilitate a developer’s work.
How to get fsMediaLibrary.NET?
fsMediaLibrary.NET is distributed free of charge as a.NET component and comes with all the documentation a developer will ever need. 
Sample projects
fsMediaLibrary.NET comes with a set of sample projects for developers to get started with. It also has its own set of sample projects. These are located in the fsMediaLibrary.NET\Samples sub-directory. To start using the.NET component, a developer must simply reference fsMediaLibrary.NET and start the project. This is the recommended approach to creating and testing your first application. With each of the sample projects you find, you can perform a variety of tests.
.NET Framework Projects:
.NET 2.0 Projects:

FsMediaLibrary.NET 0.6.7 Crack Free Download

From fsmediaLibrary.NET project:
FsmediaLibrary.NET is a.NET 3.5 component that helps developers create time-saving software for the Microsoft.NET platform.

It comes with a set of complete samples in a number of languages including C#, VB.NET, and Delphi.


Library Features

Library Features


From fsmediaLibrary.NET project:
The component fsMediaLibrary.NET can be used to create a time-saving media player application. By implementing the core features of a media player, it reduces the development process and makes it easier for a developer to start a new project.

Additionally, fsMediaLibrary.NET includes various tools and controls for displaying metadata of an audio file, including its background image. This functionality makes it possible to add new functionality, such as simple album art, to a media player without the need to add any additional code.

Quality Feature

Quality Feature
From fsmediaLibrary.NET project:
The component has been created using best practice software development techniques that ensure quality, performance, and stability of the software.

Furthermore, it includes a set of samples for different languages.


From fsmediaLibrary.NET project:
To install the component, download it from  and unzip the archive. After the unzipping is completed, please unpack the files of the Release folder, and drop them in the appropriate location.
After the installation is done, the component is ready to use.

For more information about how to install the component, please check the article on the fsMediaLibrary.NET website.


From fsmediaLibrary.NET project:
If you have any questions regarding the use or installation of the component, you are welcome to visit the fsMediaLibrary.NET web site, where you can find user documentation, samples and a forum for all your questions and comments.

Data Binding

Data Binding
From fsmediaLibrary.NET project:
In an application, data-binding is a mechanism that allows the users to quickly interact with applications by providing information to the application instead of the application having to ask for data.

When the data is not on the

FsMediaLibrary.NET 0.6.7 Full Product Key

fsMediaLibrary.NET is a powerful and efficient software component for building a high-performance and powerful media player. It enables you to add tracks to a library database, modify information about them and play them. It supports the most important features in a media player, such as adding and removing tracks, or filtering them based on media type. Additionally, it allows the user to change the album cover and the artwork for every song. Moreover, it has an option to export the artwork and files from the library into a folder.
fsMediaLibrary.NET is compatible with.NET 2.0 and.NET 4.0, which makes it ideal for building WinForms or WPF applications. The component also has a VB and C# sample project that allows developers to try out the component for themselves. However, for any further assistance, please download the component from its website at


Compatible with.NET 2.0 and.NET 4.0

Uses SQL Server 2008/2012

Can be compiled to the.NET AnyCPU platform

Supports any database access

Compatible with WPF/WinForms/PhoneForms/MVVM

Provides an automatic database schema

Provides an automatic automatic artwork database

Provides a test-drive example component

Supports quite a lot of file types (.MP3,.OGG,.WAV,.WMA,.MID,.AVI,.M4A,.MP4,.MOV,.M4V,.FLAC,.MP4,.MPEG,.WMA,.MID,.AVI,.M4A,.AVC,.WMV,.MTS,.MXF,.YUV,.M2T,.FLA,.SWF,.3GP,.3GP2,.3G2,.MKV,.MKA,.AAC,.PCM,.F64,.OGG,.FLAC,.MP4,.MOV,.M4A,.AVI,.MP3,.MID,.AVC,.WMV,.MTS,.MXF,.3GP,.3GP2,.3G2,.MKV,.MKA,.AAC,.AIFF,

What’s New in the FsMediaLibrary.NET?

fsMediaLibrary.NET is a component that provides software developers with a time-saving library for the.NET platform that brings to the table a rich set of features meant to facilitate the creation of a media player application.
fsMediaLibrary.NET is compiled with ANYCPU, so it can be used for projects targeting.NET 2.0 and.NET 4.0.
The component includes a database that can store a vast amount of artwork, and comes with a sample application, which can be used to test the features.
The library implements the most important features in a media player, such as adding or removing playlists and tracks, editing track details, adding or deleting artwork, lyrics, ratings or file types, etc.
It also includes features for displaying and filtering the media types.
The component takes care of database storage for you.
With minimal coding, a developer can easily implement a media player in.NET.
fsMediaLibrary.NET Documentation:
Documentation is available for both.NET 2.0 and.NET 4.0.
The documentation is included in the component itself, so developers are always ready to use it, even if they use fsMediaLibrary.NET in their own projects.
The documentation is organized into a series of chapters. Each one of them describes a single feature in detail.
fsMediaLibrary.NET Installation:
fsMediaLibrary.NET can be installed as a stand-alone application or as an add-in to Visual Studio.
You can find a developer forum at this website.
More detailed information, FAQ, and other information can be found on the developer community page.
Getting Started:
The fsMediaLibrary.NET documentation is updated when the component is released.
Developer’s Feedback:
Feel free to give feedback about the fsMediaLibrary.NET component or the developer community page.
Need more help? No problem.
Here are some tips on how to get the most out of fsMediaLibrary.NET:
If you need any tips, ask in the developer’s forum.
Get the code:
fsMediaLibrary.NET is a component for creating a media player for the.NET platform. It is released in two versions:.NET 2.0 and.NET 4.0.
Software Developer’s Manual
Developer’s Community Page

fsMediaLibrary.NET v3.0
fsMediaLibrary.NET v3.0 Features:

Now supports native desktop

System Requirements:

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