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Badog Gear Designer is a small application that allows you to quickly create standard or custom gears. The gear models created are standard DXF models that can be added to your assembly drawing or 2D entities. You can also automatically import into the Badog Software and cut yourself the gears you made. It is like having a virtual gear factory on your computer that can create real and precice spur gears from your data input.







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The application has an main window with the following functions: New Gear Model, Gear Model Import, Gear Template, Gear Model Export, Gear Model Export As DXF, Gear Model Export As 2D and Gear Settings.

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Badog Gear Designer

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10

Windows 7 and 8 if you are on a 32-bit OS will require that you install the GDIplus.dll and Smartassembly.dll libraries.


No special software or drivers needed to use


Modify the number of teeth (the meshing of gears and for proper meshing. You can adjust to any gear setting or geometry as you desire (eg, rounded, flat teeth, teeth with large steps, etc. (see demo videos)

Different levels of software speed and line thickness can be used. The software allows you to export to DXF, STEP, or IGES formats

The gear teeth can be cut off or rotated for your process requirements

Drawing and modifying capabilities including ability to freely rotate each tooth, change the angles, create curves, and to add holes in gears

Freely resize the gear (thickness) to fit your specifications

Generate a square and round gear from one of the two tooth shapes (rounded or pointed)

Customize the pitch circle to fit your specifications

Generate as many teeth as you need to get the desired thickness and output to the desired format (DXF, STEP, IGES)

Automatic number of teeth generation capability from your teeth specification

Automatic ability to maintain the number of teeth for multiple products with different dimensions (ie: toothed disk versus bevel gears, etc.)

Wage margin is a percentage of the gear’s (wheel’s) net diameter that was not used in the gear design and is allocated toward the gear’s production. Each gear will be allocated a wage margin up to 50%. The default wage margin for gears is 5%.

About the authors:
Badog Gear Designer is the most complete gear design software yet developed for the Microsoft platform. More than 3 years of development has gone into this new product. From creating/inputting the gears from your assemblies, to creating the gear models, and supporting documentation, Badog Gear Designer will save you thousands of dollars in assembling, production, and maintenance. Software can be purchased as an individual or as a license basis, is rich in features, and can be used for you or as a resource for your company.
Software becomes available in November of each year. However, the software has been in development since September 2008.

Eduardo Garcia will be giving a talk on this software at the

Badog Gear Designer Crack Free Download

Badog Gear Designer can create 4 standard DXF models out of 2 different classes: VTX and Inertia. These models have already been designed for large companies like The Boeing Company. Badog Gear Designer also allows you to create your own gear model for spur, helical, involute and own our other classes for free.
Solutions are diverse and varies a lot. One of the first ideas you have is to make a gear, the XY coordinates of the center of the model are in the world and then you move the model to one of the two sides of the axis. So you have a gear model with a center of rotation, then you add the points where you have the supports and the guide lines. When you add the points where you have the support you rotate the model around the axis to make sure it is parallel to the axis of your assembly.
You can also create a gear model and enter some specifications like the main angle, main diameter and the width. So a diameter or a length of the teeth. And then you cut the gears from the model with the tool of your choice and you will see that the model is very well suited to the job.
Model quality will be measured by the quality of the split and the cut, etc. We also have the class that calculates the exact cut thickness, so a minute of the tooth can be cut into its exact thickness.


Badog Gear Designer Snapshot


Software Requirements



Minimum OS



Internet Explorer 7 or higher version.

The minimum computer requirements of Badog Gear Designer are listed below.

Available on the Internet.


Client Name

The last update was performed on 2011-10-23.


Internet Explorer 7 or higher version.


Client Name

The last update was performed on 2011-10-23.


Microsoft Windows 2003 or higher version.


Client Name

The last update was performed on 2011-10-23.


Microsoft Windows XP or higher version.


Microsoft Windows 2000 or higher version.


Microsoft Windows 98 or higher version.


Microsoft Windows 95 or higher version.


Microsoft Windows 98 or higher version.

What’s New In Badog Gear Designer?

It is an easy-to-use gear design application that allows you to make effective gear designs for spur gears and bevel gears quickly.

You can make a gear design with any of the standard gear patterns and you can also make a custom gear design and easily add the standard gears to your existing assembly drawing.

The program offers you the option of making a 3-dimensional gear model in one of the standard DXF formats and it is also possible to export the created model to BOMLINK format for assembly drawings.

Badog Gear Designer is an easy-to-use application that allows you to make effective gears quickly.

Anyone can create a custom gear with this program. From elementary to experienced users, it is just one click away from you.

The application supports the following gear patterns:





The program is fully vector based that can also support wide variety of shaft speeds such as any Class 5-1/4″ spline-equipped shaft speed that you can create.

Badog Gear Designer can be installed on Windows systems and the main program window and others are very easy to use.

Gear Designer Features

Model a custom radial bevel gear and analysis your spur gear

Gear Designer Specifications

4 Axis based rotation

Gear edge tracking facility for the easy analysis of the designed gear

Create bevels, spur and Helix gears quickly

Easy to use

Openly following latest trend

A wide range of preset and custom gears patterns are available

Degree of Gear Fall-off

Screw holes angle

Bevel and Spur Profile

Additional Gear face

Number of teeth

Gear sizes

Gear Order

Bevel edge falls off

Screw hole angle

Slave angles for Bevel and Spur

Degree of Helix Bearing Capacity

Pitch face angle

Pitch angle

Slave angles for Bevel and Spur

Standard Slip angle

Back spur

Gear twist angle

Screw hole angle

Gear Location

Gear depths


Screw holes

Bearing recessions


Gear rise

Slave angles for Bevel and Spur

Number of teeth

Number of teeth

Number of teeth

Spur Order

Back spur (

System Requirements For Badog Gear Designer:

PC Specs:
Processor: Intel i7-2600 (3.40 GHz)
Hard Disk Space: 30 GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960
Software: Win 7/8.1/10
Power Supply: 500 Watts (12 V)
Output: HDMI
Headset: 2.0 Stereo Headphones
Our Tally-Ho Packages come with many years of experience in the technical realm. So, it is safe to

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